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November 29, 2002

Netanyahu: Missile attack 'dangerous escalation of terror'

This URL contains 12 articles on most terror attacks.
Kenya The twin attacks on an Israeli-owned beach resort and an Israeli charter jetliner have left Kenyans shocked and wondering why their country should be the target of two deadly terrorist attacks in four years. (12) The attacks in Kenya on a hotel and an aircraft have demonstrated the difficulty of ensuring security for foreign tourists in holiday destinations that are soft targets for would be attackers. (11) Netanyahu said Israel had no information on who was responsible for Thursday's double attack -- the firing of missiles toward an Arkia airlines passenger plane after takeoff from Mombasa, Kenya, and a simultaneous explosion at a Mombasa hotel. (8) Americans in Kenya should exercise "extra caution" at hotels, tourist locations and urban areas, the State Department said Thursday after simultaneous attacks in the east African nation on an Israeli-owned hotel and an Israeli airliner. (10) Fifteen people were killed when three suicide bombers attacked an Israeli-owned hotel, and a short time later at least two missiles were fired at? but missed? an Israeli airliner departing Mombasa for Tel Aviv. (3) The two Palestinians were killed after an exchange of gunfire with Israeli police and soldiers who were at the bus station, Israeli officials said. (9)