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November 22, 2002

More Dead, More Orphans, More Mangled

More dead, more orphans, more mangled children, more blood on the hands of the leftist collaborators. We are reaping the harvest of Ben-Eliezer’s treachery (who ironically lost the Labor Party race to the radical leftist Mitzna despite these crass political maneuverings). Let there be no mistake as to the price of the "peace" being offered by the leftist commissars and the anti-Semites in the "Quartet". While European mobs chant for Jewish blood and the hypocrites in the White House make plans to sacrifice the Jewish homeland on the altar of big oil, the lunatic left makes every attempt possible to aid and support the terrorist murderers. Meanwhile Jewish children die in the streets of the Promised Land.
(Arutz Sheva) Today's numbers: Eleven dead, including eight girls and women, and 49 wounded, including nine in serious condition. An Arab human-bomb murderer from Bethlehem blew himself up aboard a bus in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood of southwestern Jerusalem. Egged bus #20 was headed north towards the center of town at about 7:15 AM when the bomber boarded the bus and detonated his device in the front section of the cabin on Mexico Ave. The bus was packed with commuters heading to work and children on their way to school.

The victims, almost all of them from the same Jerusalem neighborhood of Ir Ganim, are:
Bella Sharshevsky and her 16-year-old son Michael
Kira Perlman, 67, and her 8-year-old grandson Ilan
Hodayah Asaraf, 13, buried today in Givat Sha'ul in Jerusalem
Yafit Rebibo, 13, who will be buried this evening
Sima Novick, 56
Hadassah Ben-David, 32
Diklah Zino, 20
Marina Bizarsky, 46
Varga Mirsa, 25, a Romanian tourist who had been here for five weeks.

The Education Ministry sent teams of psychologists and educational advisors to schools near the site of the attack. The schools have been instructed to take careful note of which children are not present, and to maintain contact with the Education Ministry.

This attack was the first deadly bombing in the capital since an Israeli-Arab terror cell detonated a bomb inside a Hebrew University cafeteria on July 31, killing nine. The last bus bombing in Jerusalem took place in June, when a suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus near the Pat junction, murdering 19.

The terrorist came from Bethlehem, which was recently transferred to PA control in the framework of ex-Defense Minister Ben-Eliezer's "Judea First" plan. IDF sources said that the transfer of Bethlehem to PA security control was that which enabled the attack to be prepared and the terrorist to enter Kiryat Menachem, only a few hilltops away.

IDF Col. (res.) Moshe Hager told Arutz-7 today that Israel's anti-terrorism fight was "weakened by our departure from the cities. If we don't stay in the places where we can run after terrorists, they run away from us. When we left Bethlehem and stayed in Hevron for a few weeks, the terrorists ran to Bethlehem... 70% of the weapons are still in their hands, and they can and must be collected."
(Emphasis added)