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November 06, 2002


Jenin is not the first massacre of Arabs by Israelis or Jews that never occured. There is a long history of this type of media event as In Context shows (via LGF). In Context also blogs about the non massacre of Der Yassin. The most in depth report on Der Yassin was done by the Zionist Organization of America and demonstrates that although there were casualties as is usual in a battle, there was no massacre.

The Der Yassin legend is so great, many Israelis even buy it. Since the attack was carried out by the Israeli Right (Irgun, Lehi although with the cooperation of the Left), allegations of a massacre were used by the Left to discredit the Right. The Left in Israel has a long history of attacks on the Right, including giving information on the Right to the British in order to help the British arrest members of right wing groups.

People like to speak of the added tragedy in the assassination of Rabin because he was killed by a Jew. These people though do not realize that Rabin led the attack on the Irgun weapons ship, the Altalena, killing about 15 Jews.

While, the Muslims, especially the pals, love to cry like babies that they are the most oppressed people in the world, etc., etc., etc., they in fact love oppressing others. While they scream continually about Sabra and Shatila, they forget to mention that they love to massacre people.

One such massacre took place in the Christian town of Damour in 1976:
In all, 582 people were killed in the storming of Damour. Father Labaky went back with the Red Cross to bury them. Many of the bodies had been dismembered, so they had to count the heads to number the dead. Three of the men they found had had their genitals cut off and stuffed into their mouths.

The horror did not end there, the old Christian cemetery was also destroyed, coffins were dug up, the dead robbed, vaults opened, and bodies and skeletons thrown across the grave yard. Damour was then transformed into a stronghold of Fatah and the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine). The ruined town became one of the main PLO centres for the promotion of international terrorism. The Church of St Elias was used as a repair garage for PLO vehicles and also as a range for shooting-practice with targets painted on the eastern wall of the nave.

Here is a description and here are pictures. Here is another description with photos.