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November 21, 2002

Jerusalem bus blast kills 11

How to break this cycle?
A suicide bomber has killed at least 11 people and injured more than 40 in an attack on an Israeli bus in west Jerusalem.

Some on the street had blood on their faces, others had burns.

Eyewitness Ariel Gino

Rescue workers are still working at the scene of the blast, which occurred in the Kiryat Menahem sector during the morning rush hour.

The bus, travelling towards the centre of the city, was full when the explosion occurred at 0715 local time (0515 GMT). Many of the passengers were children, officials said.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Israel would "respond rapidly to stem a wave of terrorist attacks".

Spokesman Raanan Gissin told the French news agency, AFP, that Mr Sharon had met the defence minister and "adequate orders had been given to the army".

The attack on Thursday was the first fatal bombing in Jerusalem since 31 July, when seven people were killed at the Hebrew University. It is the deadliest since June 18, when 19 civilians died in a sucide attack.

'Bloodshed agenda'

According to local media, one of the victims is a 13-year-old girl.