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November 13, 2002

Indiana U. Professor Calls for America to Bomb Israel Instead of Iraq.

Amr Sabry is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Indiana University Bloomington. On his web page on the university's own site he has a lot of anti-Israel propaganda and says "Don't Bomb Iraq. Bomb Israel." He also calls for a boycott of Israel and Starbucks (the founder is Jewish) and features an article on the History of Hizbullah which is on the State Department's list of terrorist groups. He also links to this article defending suicide bombers.

Boy I really wish I had a professor like this when I went to collage.

You can send him an email (Amr Sabry- telling him what you think and perhaps more importantly also send an email to Indiana University asking them why this guy is employed and using university resources in this tasteless manner.

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