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November 07, 2002

End this Terrible Paper

The crappy left wing, self-destructive rag Ha'aretz printed an editorial today which really show you the self hating nature of many Israelis. It is entitled The end of a terrible government.
The policy of force that Sharon applied in the occupied territories did not put an end to terrorism against Israeli citizens. The war he declared against the Palestinian Authority exacted the largest blood price that Israel has paid since the Lebanon War. Israel's relations with its neighbors, Egypt and Jordan, hit a new nadir. His evasion of every initiative for resuming diplomatic activity and the continued expansion of the settlements eroded Israel's status in Europe. The security deterioration and the diplomatic standstill raised the unemployment rate, reduced economic activity, impaired growth and also recently affected the country's international credit rating.

Despite the heavy price that a political crisis will exact and the problematic timing of the election, the collapse of the outgoing government can only be welcomed. It will be remembered as one of the worst governments in Israel's history. It must now be hoped that the upcoming election will produce a coalition wise enough to repair the damage and restore the country to the right path.

So the current situation is Sharon's fault - no mention of who was in office when all of this began or who led Israel down this Oh so SLOw road to destruction.

Israel's inability to take decisive action to secure it future is as a result of an over abundance of people like the writers of Ha'aretz who so easily see the evil of their country men but have such a hard time seeing any evil in people who openly state that they want to destroy Israel.

Lets hope there are no more suicide attacks but if there is one lets hope it is directed against the offices of Ha'aretz instead of against innocent civilians.