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November 22, 2002

Egyptian rights group criticizes state TV over show

Seems that the Left in Egypt can stand up for Jews! Four articles (click link)
Indoors, most Cairo residents replete with an evening meal after a hard day of fasting settle down to doze before their flickering TV sets, joining millions of viewers across the region in a pan-Arab Ramadan tradition with a modern twist. (3) For Arab television stations, Ramadan is sweeps month, when an all-night mishmash of programs from game shows to melodramatic soaps reward the faithful for their daytime abstinence. (3) Nasty controversies have an unwelcome way of hiking up viewership figures and by all accounts Fares Bela Gawwad has stirred up a formidable stink that has reeked across most of the Arab world into Israel and the United States. (3) In the first domestic criticism of its kind, an Egyptian human rights group has rebuked the state broadcasting authority for showing a television series widely criticised as anti- Semitic. (1) The Egyptian Human Rights Organisation urged all Arab television channels showing the series, Horseman without a Horse, to broadcast a warning that it contained lies about Jews. (1) The head of the human rights group, Hafez Abu Seida, told the BBC that spreading views hostile to Jews breeds hatred which in turn causes bloodshed. (1)