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November 21, 2002

DEBKA headlines

DEBKAfile sources: Hospitals report unfamiliar types of burns suffered by Israeli victims of Jerusalem bus bombing Thursday. Palestinians terrorist suspected of using new type of explosive which exacerbates injuries

Palestinian suicide bombing in early Thursday rush hour left 11 Israelis dead, injured 47 - 8 seriously - on packed Jerusalem Bus No. 20 on Mexico Street in residential neighborhood of Kiryat Menahem.

Many blast victims were children traveling to school.

In last twelve days, 29 Israelis have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

Bush phones Sharon with condolences, promises to continue working for Middle East peace.

Jerusalem bomber identified as Nail Azmi Bin Hilal, 26, from al Khader near Bethlehem. Almost daily terror alerts continue. Scores foiled since last Jerusalem terror attack nearly four months ago.

Emergency hospital telephone nos. for public inquiries: Hadassah, Ain Karem: 12-55-122; Shearei Tzedek: 12-55-125; Hadassah Mt. Scopus: 122-55-121: Immigration Ministry emergency line: 02-621-4521.

Two US Marines seriously wounded in shooting attack Thursday north of Kuwait City.

In Lebanese town of Sidon, an American woman missionary is murdered outside her clinic Thursday.