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November 19, 2002

DANIEL PIPES : Say the name of the enemy
Has anyone noticed the difference in the way America's two wars are approached?

When the subject is Iraq, the US government is proactive, articulate, and specific. But when it comes to militant Islam, officialdom is reactive, awkward, and vague.

Take the issue of preventive security. To stop Iraqi sabotage and terrorism, the New York Times recently reported, Washington tracks thousands of Iraqi citizens and Iraqi-Americans who might pose a domestic risk. It even has plans in place to arrest Saddam Hussein's sympathizers suspected of planning terrorist operations.
. . .
A war cannot be won without identifying the enemy. If the US government intends to prevail in the current conflict, it must start talking about the war against militant Islam. This will then make it possible for others - the media, Hollywood, even academics - to do likewise. At that point, both war efforts will be on the right footing.