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November 14, 2002

B'tselem: IDF Violates Court Ban In Using Palestinians As 'Human Shields'

The Kapos at B'tselem continue their never ending struggle in support of a second holocaust. They have managed to undermine the IDF and risk Jewish lives by securing an injunction against the IDF's so called use of "human shields." This is how the "peace" traitors like to refer to the IDF tactic of using a Palestinian civilian to warn a neighbor in a target building of the IDF presence. This tactic saves both IDF lives and civilian lives. While IDF soldiers fight to protect the lives of Jewish children, these traitors make every conceivable effort to provide aid and comfort to the terrorist murderers. G-d willing the day will come when these vermin face judgement for their crimes.
(Jerusalem Post) The Israeli human rights group B'tselem said Thursday that the army is continuing to use Palestinian civilians as human shields in operations to arrest suspected militants, in defiance of an Aug. 18 Supreme Court injunction prohibiting the practice.

The army says is has forbidden the practice and is investigating the allegations.

In a report Thursday, B'tselem listed a number of cases it said violated the court order.

The report cited Jenin resident Khaled Kamil as saying that he was forced to help troops in a hunt Saturday for an Islamic Jihad leader, Iyad Sawalha, in the West Bank town.

"The (Israeli army) commander pulled me back and said: `We want you to go inside, call Iyad and tell him that he's better off coming out, because if he doesn't, we'll destroy his house and the houses nearby,"' Kamil's testimony said.

"I walked in and stood at the opening of the alcove. It was dark and I couldn't see inside. One of the soldiers was standing by the ruined wall pointing his gun at me. I called out to Iyad," he said.

Sawalha refused to give himself up and died after a five-hour gunbattle with troops.

Kamil was unharmed. [Read More]