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November 28, 2002

Arik, The King Of The Jews!

Today the Likud will pick its leader and the person that is likely to be the next Prime Minister. While many of my friends on the right have written in support of Bibi Netanyahu, I believe that they are being shortsighted. While I am painfully aware of the often incomprehensible restraint Sharon has shown in reaction to Palestinian atrocities and the free reign he provided to Ben-Eliezer to sacrifice security for his own political ends, I believe that Sharon has done the best that could be hoped for under difficult diplomatic and political circumstances. It is easy for Netanyahu to make statements about how aggressive he would be as PM against the PLO, but as I recall, it was Netanyahu who signed the Wye River accords which started the transfer of Area A to the terrorists and it was also Netanyahu who surrendered the holy city of Hebron to the murderers despite his promise never to do so. Sharon has certainly never agreed to give up a single inch to Arafat and has actually consistently increased settlement activity as Housing Minister and PM. I believe my fellow right-wingers who have lost faith in him are overestimating Netanyahu's ability to deliver on his promise of immediately ending Arafat's terror regime. With the economy in shambles, and Israel desperately needing to keep its only major ally, it would be the wrong time to aggressively distance themselves from American policy. I am surprised how quickly people have forgotten Sharon's impeccable record of over 50 years. While much of the right condemns Sharon for what he has not yet achieved, I prefer to look at his impeccable record of over 50 years from Qibya, to Umm Qatef, to Deversoir. Let us remember that as Chairman of the Ministerial Committee for Settlement Affairs from 1977 to 1981 and as Minister of Housing & Construction from 1990 to 1992, Sharon initiated and carried out the extensive settlement of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan. While it is easy to sit back and criticize what he has not yet been able to accomplish, I think it would be difficult for anyone to find someone who had done more for Israel’s security and for the Jewish presence in Yesha. My friends in the National Camp seem to forget what he has accomplished so far in his short time as PM. He has effectively nullified the Oslo Accords without incurring the wrath of the US and has completely destroyed the infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority to the point that Arafat is no longer a major military force. Furthermore he has wiped out the majority of the leadership of Hamas and the PFLP in the West Bank. While his public statements in favor of a PA terrorist state are troubling, it is important to look at his actions and realize that his words are primarily meant for the hypocrites in the White House and the UN. There is obviously much more to be done, but Sharon is the person who can best negotiate the diplomatic, political and military minefields on the way to a terrorist free Eretz Israel.

I believe that Arik Sharon's goals cannot be questioned even as we are impatient with his methodology. His devotion to the State of Israel and the security of the Jewish people is legendary. Both as a soldier and a politician he has never failed to put the security of Israel first despite the constant treachery of his enemies on the left. As the traitors in the Labor Party scheme to surrender Israel to the terrorists, the EU collaborators fund their latest final solution and the mobs howl for Jewish blood from Paris to Kiev, there has never been a more important time for Israel and the Jewish people to be led by a man with the strength and courage of Arik Sharon. Let us not forget the cry of the soldiers after Sharon’s heroism in the Yom Kippur War, “Arik, the King of the Jews!”
(Jerusalem Post) Likud members go to the ballot box Thursday to select their party's leader who, according to all the polls, is expected to easily win the general election on January 28.

Surveys published 24 hours before the opening of the polls gave Prime Minister Ariel Sharon a commanding lead varying between 20 and 27 percent over his rival, Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Yet Netanyahu spent the last day before the primary putting on a brave face, visiting party activists in Afula, Hadera, and Migdal Ha'emek and encouraging them to bring out the vote.

Sharon spent the day working the phones, warning activists against being complacent.

The polls open at 10 a.m. and close at 10 p.m., with projections based on exit polls expected immediately after the polls close. The actual vote tallies are expected after midnight. [Read More]