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November 28, 2002

Arafat Funds Arms Deal

This had been reported earlier but here is proof from documents
A top secret document approved on December 15, 2001 was confiscated from the PPS compound in Gaza. The document reveals an approved acquisition of 250 Kalachnikov rifles bought on behalf of the PPS. The deal was signed for in Arafat's main office on December 15, 2001, the night Arafat declared a cease-fire. It was the same night that the infamous Karine "A" made it's way to Gaza from Iran. (A ship laden with explosives, discovered by IDF Forces).

The document confirms Arafat's involvement in the purchasing and trafficking of weaponry for Palestinian militias. Arafat and his associates' involvement extends from 'minor' arms deals such as the purchase of 250 Kalachnikov's to a shipload (Karine "A") of strategic warfare equipment.

Following is the document found in the PPS compound in Gaza: Document [note: document is in English; above it (see link) in Arabic]