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November 07, 2002

The Amnesty Report Does Not Take Into Account The Israeli Side

Amesty report condemned Israel on the Defensive Shield incursion. Here the IDF response that indicates inaccuracy of numbers.
"The Amnesty report on IDF activities during operation "Defensive Shield", completely twists the facts in the field. This is due to the fact, that the compilers of this report did not wait for a proper response by the IDF and refers in it's report to fictional numbers and figures." This is what Colonel Daniel Raisner said in an interview this morning (November,4,2002) to the Voice of Israel Radio. The Colonel is assistant to the Military Advocate General on International Law.
On the subject of the Amnesty report, Colonel Daniel Reisner, assistant to the Military Advocate General on International Law said:

"In the report there is complete disregard from the fact that these houses were used as firing posts, from some of them explosive charges were planted, and the tanks had to reach some of them in order to harm the terrorists."

"This report converns April, I am trying to understand why 7 months later, a report comes out after the whole affair has pretty much finished itself on the international level as well as on other levels. When you begin to read the report itself you begin to think that it [the operation] is not the agenda. I have nothing against specific things that have already been pointed out by other organizations and we have been investigating them now for a couple of months, but they are essentially attacking the IDFs' method of operation. What do they say? That we inserted too large a force and we fought inside a city, and most of their complaints are about the destruction of houses and property.

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