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October 30, 2002

Why Arafat Should be Killed

Arafat is the Svengali of the Palestinian people. His bug eyed, glassy gaze puts the Palestinian people in his total control. They melt in his arms like a young lover in the arms of Don Juan.

If Arafat was a constructive leader, this control would be a good thing. Unfortunately, Arafat is a cancer for his people. He is not a nation or institution builder, he is a perpetual revolutionary, a destroyer of nations and institutions.

The Palestinians are once again in the position to have a state. This is a great accomplishment for the newest ‘people’ on the earth who they themselves did not know were a ‘people’ not very long ago.

But Arafat, and therefore the Palestinians, are pathologically unable to grab this offering. Such a grasp causes Arafat’s raison d’etre and therefore Arafat to disappear. As a matter of self preservation, Arafat is unable to extend his hand.

It would be best for the Palestinian people, if Arafat did not have this destructive power over the Palestinians. The only way to break Arafat’s strangle hold is to kill him. Exiling him would just cause him to exert this power from abroad. He needs to be killed.