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October 08, 2002

Various Current Articles with Summaries and Links from JCPA

  • Progress Report on Palestinian Security, Economic, and Political Reforms

    What have the Palestinians done since Bush's speech?

  • Visit Jerusalem by Internet

  • See the Jerusalem Archaeological Park next to the Temple Mount - a unique visual Internet Experience offered by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

  • American Citizens Killed or Injured by Palestinian Terrorists
    Since September 13, 1993, at least 37 Americans have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists and at least another 72 Americans have been injured. This is a list of names and dates of attacks on U.S. citizens.

  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Palestinian Violence and Terrorism

  • 611 People Murdered by Palestinian Terrorists since September 2000

  • In the Ruins of the "Intifada"
    Two years ago, Mohammad Falah, 19,
    and his teenage friends would finish their Friday noontime prayers at a mosque in Ramallah, then hurry to the outskirts of the city to throw rocks at Israeli troops.
    Falah took three bullets in his left leg and hand; seven of his companions have died. After four surgeries and months spent in and out of hospitals, Falah admits: "We didn't achieve anything."
    Western and Arab nations have largely lost interest in helping Arafat's government.

  • IDF: Most Casualties in Gaza Raid Were Armed

    Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said that all but one of the 14 Palestinians killed in an assault on a Hamas stronghold in the Gaza Strip were armed. "I advise you to verify the details with Israel before you publicize your reaction to IDF operations," he reportedly told visiting European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana.

        The commander of IDF forces in Gaza, Brig. Gen Israel Ziff, reported on Monday, "According to the aerial videos and reports from our observation posts, we see that the helicopter strike was directed at a group of armed men who fired and threw grenades at IDF soldiers. It is very hard for me to understand why, in the midst of a battle, the civilians left their homes to see what was going on outside. As our forces were leaving, a large number of armed men gathered and started shooting at us. We fired in response."

        "There was significant resistance - gunfire, grenades, large explosive devices, anti-aircraft and anti-tank (RPG) fire. Our forces reported at least 40 incidents where they fired on armed men. Unlike previous times, this time they put up a fight, endangering our forces. For the first time in Gaza, they were shooting from the windows of the houses. Usually they don't shoot from inside the houses in order not to draw return fire. We returned fire accurately at the source of the firing." (Yediot Ahronot)

  • Hamas-PA Clashes in Gaza

    In Gaza Monday, a group of armed Hamas men assassinated Palestinian riot police chief Colonel Rageh Abu Lehiya,
    whom they held responsible for the death of a Hamas demonstrator during a riot last year. In subsequent clashes between Palestinian police and Hamas activists, two men died and 15 were injured.

  • Jordan Restricts Palestinian Travel

    Palestinian Authority officials say Jordan has instituted a total ban on the entry of West Bank and Jerusalem residents, reflecting Jordan's growing fear that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians will flock to the kingdom when and if the U.S. attacks Iraq. One reason for the new regulations is connected to reports that many Palestinians are trying to travel to Iraq via Jordan to join the Iraqi army in the fight against the Americans and their allies.

  • Israel Releases More Funds to PA

    Under intense American pressure, Israel has released NIS 70 million, the last payment out of NIS 200 million it agreed to hand over to the PA after Arafat installed Salam Fayad as the new Finance Minister of the Palestinian Authority. But the U.S. is now pressing Israel to release additional funds. Israel says it won't release the money unless there is a mechanism to guarantee transparency so the funds do not reach terrorist organizations.

  • The Israeli Capital - Max M. Kampelman

    The White House's decision to ignore a Congressional provision requiring the United States to identify and recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital is contrary to President Bush's campaign pledge that he would "begin the process of moving the United States ambassador to the city Israel has chosen as its capital."

    As a former ambassador, I know it is common and appropriate for a nation to respect the decision of a sovereign government, let alone a friendly and democratic one, where it wishes to place its capital within its borders.

    To challenge Jerusalem as Israel's capital city is to challenge Jerusalem as a part of Israel and thus to provide encouragement to those who would not only undermine Israel's legitimacy, but also destroy it.

  • Suicide Bomber's Father: Let Hamas Leaders Send Their Own Sons

    In a letter to the London Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat, the father of a young Palestinian who carried out a suicide bombing wrote: Four months ago, I lost my eldest son when his friends tempted him, praising the path of death. But the last straw was when I was informed that the friends of my eldest son were starting to wrap themselves like snakes around my other son, not yet 17, to direct him to the same path towards which they had guided his brother. Sending young people to blow themselves up in the heart of Israel deters no enemy and liberates no land. Who gave these leaders religious or any other legitimacy to tempt our children and urge them to their deaths? Why doesn't a single one of all the sheikhs who compete amongst themselves in issuing fiery religious rulings, send his son?