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October 18, 2002

The Universities Will Not be Turned Into Centers for Anti-Semitism

While the self-righteous Left at American universities proclaim solidarity with the Palestinians and their hatred Israelis, the Left in Iran, ironically, protests in the direct opposite manner, demanding that Israel be left alone to live in peace alongside a Palestinian state.
Students and Great Nation of Iran:

Although the enraged Iranian Nation, pursuant to its many demonstrations, has cried the unmistakable slogan of “Leave Palestine Alone, Give Thought to our Plight,” once again in our country the founders of the order of atrocity and lunacy, totally disregarding regional and world-wide realities and necessities, pursuing their own sickly fascist doctrine of expansionism, are toying with the national integrity and interests of Iran.

Thanks to its unwise, inexperienced, and manna-less politicians, the regime of the Islamic Republic blows the trumpet of support for the Palestinian people anytime it encounters disgrace and disregard internationally, or encounters formidable difficulties domestically. With the daily escalation of public discontent and the intensification of the people’s struggle, the regime is drumming the noise of the decennial of the Intifada and the martyrs of the anti-Zionist battles which it has pulled out of the proverbial sleeve of a committee by the name of “Palestine and the University” located at the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. Along this line, on the tenth of the month of Mehr [October 2] they intend to convert the hallowed premise of the University to a place for spreading violence in the name of supporting the Intifada. As to what the existing purpose of this committee is within the Ministry of Science, and what scientific, technological, or research service it provides to our universities, there is much to be said. The Ministry of Science should have displayed this committee’s report card to the public so that everyone would realize the racketeering that goes on for stealing from the honorable nation- in appearance to support the Palestinians and in practice for filling their own coffers.

These usurpers of political power-- who from the very beginning, pursuant to spreading the “Islamic Revolution,” turned our country to a haven for religious terrorists and the supporters of religious violence in the region-- by announcing the so-called “Decennial of Defending the Intifada,” and by observing the memorial of one of the Lebanese Hezbollah leaders, have taken another step toward dragging Iran into a strategic and political abyss. With this anti-national act of theirs, they have once again shown the world that the religious tyranny ruling Iran is not only disregarding the country’s national interests, but that also with their ludicrous acts of openly defending terrorism, religious fundamentalism, and warmongering movements in the region, they are moving along the path of destroying Iran and the Iranians.