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October 25, 2002

Top Lebanon Shia Cleric Compares U.S. to Nazis

Another demented cleric using the by now time-worn "indictment" that compares Israel or the U.S. to Nazi Germany. This simpleton used to be the spiritual advisor to Hizbollah (spiritual advice to mass murderers?), and now he spews his venom against America, ignoring the simple fact that some 30 thousand Syrian troops control his very country, allowing Lebanon to be used as a base for Hizbollah. Why is it that so many of these people are unable to do a bit of self-examination? Note too that the article appears in an Iranian paper, and it is Iran that funds Hizbollah.
BEIRUT --Top Lebanon's Shia Muslim cleric compared the United States to Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler on Friday, urging "oppressed peoples" to confront Washington.

"Oppressed peoples, must confront the development of this new arrogance that is transforming the biggest superpower into something resembling a new Nazism in the image of Hitler with an American nationality," Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah said in his Friday sermon.

"It threatens every opponent of its policy of superiority, in the name of civilization and freedom, with destructive war," he told worshipers in Beirut's southern suburbs.

Anti-American feeling has been running high in the Arab world because of U.S. support for Israel as it tries to crush a Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza, Reuters reported.

U.S. threats to attack Iraq, which Washington accuses of seeking weapons of mass destruction, have heightened those sentiments in recent months.

Fadlallah, a former spiritual mentor to Lebanon's anti-Israel Hizbollah guerrillas and an implacable foe of U.S. policy in the Middle East, has previously issued religious edicts banning Muslims from helping in any attack on Iraq.

"America has reached megalomaniacal levels with its threats to negate (the role of) the United Nations if it does not accept the American resolution to legitimize automatic war against Iraq according to American rules," he said.

Lebanon and its political powerbroker Syria are staunch opponents of a U.S. attack on Iraq.

Baghdad denies it has weapons of