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October 25, 2002

Top Israeli General: Iran Behind Terror Attacks

A top general's assessement of why Arafat must go and what will happen should the U.S. attack Iraq
Thursday October 24, 2002
On February 14th, Ya’aser Arafat met with leaders from Fatah, Hezbollah, and representatives from Iran. He asked them why there were not more Jewish casualties. He told them, "You know what to do." It was then that the Palestinian Authority became a terrorist organization.
That information was provided by Lt. Gen. General Shaul Mofaz (ret.), former Israel Defense Forces Chief of General Staff, at a briefing today sponsored by the Friends of the IDF (

That meeting took place during the time U.S. negotiator General Zinni was in Israel, pressing for peace, and the Palestinians ostensibly wanted to participate. Privately, the Palestinians had no such wishes, he told those at the gathering. What they really wanted was to join with Iran in destroying Israel through terror.

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Hezbollah, Ya’aser Arafat's Palestinian Authority and Iran are the architects of the homicide bombing spree in Israel, Mofaz says, and they have abandoned the peace process to try to attain their political goals by violence and bloodshed. They feel that Israel is weak, and cannot withstand these kinds of violent attacks.

The Israelis found boxes of documents in the town of Jenin linking the PA, Hezbollah and Iran to terror financing.

Even so, the general believes that Israel is "a country that believes, hopes and prays” for peace, albeit a secure peace.

Mofaz wants to get the Palestinians back to the negotiating table, but only if the following two stringent requirements are met:

1) Ya’aser Arafat must be exiled, and the Palestinians must choose another leader. There can be no more negotiations with Arafat, and other representation must be found.

When asked who might replace Arafat, i.e. who might have enough political clout in the Arab community, Gen. Mofaz said Israel should not be involved in naming names, presumably lest the Arab world think that one named individual or other would be considered hand-picked by the Israelis. He said Israel should be involved in exiling terrorist leaders.

2) No more terror attacks. There can be no negotiations until the Palestinians recognize Israel's right to exist, and only then will Israel know that they have admitted they have no basis for their terror attacks, and stop them.