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October 26, 2002

Support of Technion vital to Israel says former IDF general

As this article so wisely points out, there is an impolrtant connection between a viable economy and security for Israel
In addition to the latest Middle East conflicts and a looming U.S.-Iraqi war, Israelis have another concern: their lagging economy. According to retired Israeli army Major General Amos Horev, the key to Israels economic future lies in Technion (The Israel Institute of Technology), known as the MIT of Israel.

At a speech on Oct. 19 to the Southern Chapter of the American Society for Technion in Jupiter, the former general explained the vital connection between Israels economic independence and Technion, the countrys leading center for technology and research. Horev, who served as president of Technion from 1973 to 1982, said the institutes technological advancements fuel the economy by providing high tech exports and growth within the country.

''Were second to the U.S. in technological sophistication- this little Israel. And its all because of this school,'' Horev said. ``Our economic posture has changed drastically. We were once agriculturally oriented, but not anymore. Israel cannot develop without the technological advancements that occur at Technion.''

Ninety of Israels 100 largest companies are managed by Technion graduates, and alumnae generate nearly a third of Israels $100 billion GDP.