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October 10, 2002

Suicide Bomber Kills 2 in Israel

An Israeli bus driver and a paramedic pinned a Palestinian suicide bomber to the ground Thursday after spotting his bomb belt, then fled with other bystanders before the man detonated the explosives. The assailant and an elderly woman were killed, and four people were injured.

Amish Tech says that it is really one dead and one ibn kelb piece of crap only dressed like a human being who made it into the title as a result of spintifada.

The examination of why they let the person go will be interesting. My understanding was that the dog was kicking his hind leg thighs up into the bomb and they were worried that the bomb was going to go off. After release the bomber ran towards a group of people who should have not been watching or should have been helping and killed and injured those people. Also, you would have thought that someone would have shot the dog. The two guys who caught the bomber are heroes.