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October 04, 2002

Steven Plaut's Thoughts - emailed to me (and many others, I assume).

1. The Far Leftist shyster representing arch-terrorist Marwan Barghout,
Shammai Leibovitch - grandson of Yeshayahu Leibovitch, thinks his client
is the moral equivalent of Moses, or so he said in court yesterday. I
mean, did not Moses kill the Egyptian oppressor and occupier as a
statement about social justice? Barghouti ordered the murders of hundreds
of people including many children.

Meanwhile Barghouti's court strategy is to declare the court itself
illegitimate - I guess because all of Israel is illegal. And other
Palestinian terrorists are following his lead and basing their "defense"
on the illegality of the Israeli courts.

I have a modest suggestion to make. Whenever a Palestinian terrorist
challenges the legality of an Israeli court, Israel should just agree to
accept his position and then take him out back to face a firing squad.

Meanwhile, if Moses had a grave anyone could locate, I bet we'd see him
rolling over in it.

2. Meanwhile, the latest on Ilan Pappe. Pappe is a political scientist
at the University of Haifa and a vintage anti-Jewish "New Historian". He
is Israel's most extremist anti-Semitic tenured red. His academic record
consists mostly of Israel-bashing tirades published in the PLO's own
"Journal of Palestine Studies", and on that basis the University saw fit
to grant him tenure, a matter you should bring to the attention of any
potential donor to the school. He has openly called for Israel to be
destroyed. He fabricated the "Tantura Massacre", a make-believe massacre
of Arabs by the Hagana in 1948 that never took place. His anti-Jewish
ravings appear on Islamist fundamentalist papers and web sites, and
neonazi ones as well. And he appears at anti-Israel and anti-Jewish
rallies all over the world. He will be the star at the upcoming Nuremberg
Rally at the University of Michigan.

All of which will make you enjoy the following take on Pappe even more
so. I think it might even make your whole week:

3. Leftist McCarthyism in Israel is still alive and doing quite well
under the Sharon government. The Attorney General has just decided to
prosecute the Chief Rabbi of Safed, Shmuel Eliyahu, for "incitement to
racism". The Rabbi had denounced some of the anti-Jewish Arab Knesset
Members and had said of Arab students studying in Safed that they are an
"alien element who endanger the town's people from both a security and a
moral perspective." He said this right after a wave of suicide bombings.
He also said he favors population transfers that involve emigration of

Now whether or not you happen to agree with the Rabbi's opinions,
surely nothing he has said comes anywhere near the dozens of calls by Arab
leaders in Israel to murder Jews and destroy Israel, nor the countless
cheers from Israeli leftists every time a "settler" is murdered, nor the
comparison of a mass murdering terrorist to Moses by a leftist shyster,
nor a Haifa University faculty member promoting anti-Semitism at the
University of Michigan. But of course all of THESE would be protected
speech in post-democratic Israel.

In another act of Sharonite democracy, the government just put out an
writ of "administrative arrest", ordinarily used against Palestinian
terrorists, but this time against Kahanist activist Noam Federman.
Federman will be under indefinite house arrest. Federman is not charged
with any actual crime, although without a doubt is guilty of political
incorrectness and unruly behavior and possibly even graffiti composition.
It is not clear if Federman's brother, a national hero who killed a
terrorist trying to ram a pickup truck into a dance club, will be able to
go visit the inciter.

. . .6. A Hebrew University Arab teaching assistant in the Department of
Statistics, one Wisam Abu-Ahmed, had an interesting grading policy. He
automatically raised all the grades for all the Arabs in his class
sections. As a protest against mistreatment of Arabs by Jews. Some
unhappy racist insensitive Jews however complained about this affirmative
action policy to the police. The university authorities are not amused.

But this is all the height of hypocrisy. Abu-Ahmed is not doing
anything that Israel's entire university system did not decide to do long
ago. Israeli universities ALL have affirmative action preferences for
Arab students and admit them with dumbed-down standards or with none at
all. And most also have a long policy of exempting Arab students from
inconvenient things like having to obey the law on campus or university
rules. SO what is any different about Abu-Ahmed's actions? He is just
following the lead of the Ivory Cartel. I know I would testify in his