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October 28, 2002

“Special Units” Assassinate Two Palestinians in Nablus, Third Killed in Jenin

Via the Arab press, which seems to feel there is something unfair about Tit for Tat.
NABLUS, West Bank (PINA) - Israeli soldiers, disguised as Arabs, opened fire at a group of Palestinian activists in the West Bank town of Nablus, killing two and injuring three, including a child, eyewitnesses in the town said.

Israeli army sources conveyed that the raid was a routine clash with “Palestinian terrorists” which also resulted in the wounding of an Israeli soldier.

However, eyewitnesses in Nablus said that a taxicab, with a Palestinian license plate approached a group of activists in Nablus, and Israeli soldiers opened fire from inside teh vehicle, killing two and injuring others.

Israeli army “special units” often resort to such tactics to assassinate “wanted” Palestinians accused of launching attacks against Israeli targets.