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October 28, 2002


Israpundit has started a new feature, Sites of the Week, which will shine a spotlight on five or so sites a week which we feel deserve a look. This week we are focusing on four blogs all beginning with the letter “a” and one news site. The blogs are described below. Take a look.

On the left is a section linking to these sites.

Ad Orientem
“My weblog, Ad Orientem, might be described as a High Church warblog: Hilaire Belloc gone Zionist. Favors smells and bells in religion, anti-idiotarianism in politics. ”
Alisa In Wonderland
“The world according to an Israeli-American soccer mom. She is still chasing that rabbit...”
American Kaiser
Warblog – “Because nobody else receives threatening hatemail after only thirteen days.”
Amish Tech
"Amish Tech Support: three parts humor, one part hate. Stir for 1 minute.
Serves all.” One of the funniest guys on the web.

News : Israel Insider