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October 25, 2002

Sharon Agrees To US Surrender Terms

Sharon announced today that he has agreed to the surrender terms negotiated by the US and the European collaborators by which Israel will reward the terrorists for their efficiency in murdering Jews with a state of their own in Eretz Israel. Of course the surrender is unconditional as the PLO terrorists will be subject to no conditions which they obviously would be unable to fulfill (like ceasing to slaughter Jewish children). You probably remember a similar surrender deal was signed in 1993, but the terrorists were unhappy with the terms as it still allowed a small Jewish presence in the Middle East. Not to worry as we are quite certain by the time the "Quartet" is done negotiating, Eretz Israel will officially be Judenfrei. We were hoping to negotiate access to Jewish holy sites, but the French Foreign Minister announced that Jews would only be allowed to worship in the newly constructed “synagogue” at Auschwitz. Of course we will be provided with a shower first.
(Ha'aretz) Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has given his seal of approval, "in principle," to the latest American peace plan presented by U.S. envoy William Burns, Army Radio reported. The two met Thursday evening in Jerusalem as part of Burns' visit to the region aimed at rallying support for the plan.

Among other things, the roadmap calls for the dismantling of illegal Jewish settlement outposts and a thorough reform of the Palestinian ruling bodies. The plan aims toward the creation of a Palestinian state by 2004-5.

The radio quoted sources in the Prime Minister's office as saying Thursday that the principles set out in the roadmap had mostly been accepted by Israel, but added that there were several elements to the plan, in particular matters related to security, which needed to be changed.

In Tel Aviv, a meeting between Israel and Palestinian officials, headed by Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and PA minister Saeb Erekat respectively, also drew to a close. The two sides discussed a further easing of the sanctions on the Palestinians. The Palestinians put forth several requests and Peres promised that they would be looked on favorably.

Burns: PA must fight terror if it wants a state
Palestinians must take decisive action against militants and get serious about internal reform if they want to embark on the road to statehood, as outlined in the plan, Burns told senior Palestinian officials Thursday.

"It is only through decisive action to end terror and violence, and decisive action to reform in preparation for Palestinian statehood, that we are going to be able to move ahead on a practical pathway to end occupation and this terrible conflict," Burns said at the meeting in Jericho.

Spekaing after the meeting, Burns called on both Israelis and Palestinians to fulfill their obligations in order "to end the occupation that began in 1967."

"In this process all sides have obligations and that it's only through all sides fulfilling their obligations that we're going to be able to move ahead together to end the occupation that began in 1967," he said.

He added that it was "in the interests of both Palestinians and Israelis, to end the very real suffering and humiliation the Palestinians experience under occupation every day and to end the terror and violence which have done so much to undermine the legitimate aspirations of Palestinians." [Read More]