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October 17, 2002

Saudis seen funding AL Qaeda

If fundamentalists are helping the terrorists, you can well believe they are helping to support terror groups within the Arab community who seek the destruction of Israel. Time for the U.S. to send a message loud and clear to what little there is of the Saudi government.
WASHINGTON - For years, Saudi Arabian officials have ignored Saudi-based individuals and charities that have been the main sources of financing for Al Qaeda, an independent task force reported yesterday.

The report, written by a task force sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations, also said that the Bush administration's current efforts to curtail financing for international terrorism are ''strategically inadequate'' to ensure sustained results.

The report, released last night, urged the administration to designate a special assistant to the president with a mandate to compel government agencies to coordinate their activities.

It added that the administration must pressure other countries to replace their ''woefully inadequate'' antiterrorism programs with more vigorous efforts.

The report said US government spokesmen have systematically refused to acknowledge the ties of Saudi charities and individuals with Al Qaeda.