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October 24, 2002

Road Map to Peace Hell

The new road map being pushed by the Quartet is a shameful document. It is warmed over Oslo but now with four 'honest brokers' (US, EU, UN and Russia), three of which are anti-Israel, ignoring palestinian violations as opposed to just the US being responsible for ignoring violations as was the case with Oslo. Although it should be mentioned that the Israelis were pretty damn stupid for ignoring most of these violations themselves. The mess they are in is their own fault. It is no wonder that Jews have been abused for two millennia.

The largest problem is that the roadblocks which caused Oslo to fail are still going to be there except Arafat. Basically this is a redo of Oslo with Arafat in ‘only’ a symbolic role this time.


Nothing more here is asked of the pals but more is asked of Israel of course.

A fisking of some points (many are left out) of the plan listed in order they appear in the map, the text of which is given by IMRA.
PLC appoints Commission charged with drafting of Palestinian constitution for Palestinian statehood.

Of course Clinton, Peres and Arafat patted themselves on the back and praised themselves up and down that they had made a great accomplishment by finally having this thing changed years ago and of course it was never done. So here we go again. They are going to study it and don’t have to change it until Israel again is forced to sacrifice its young for Freedom.
Palestinian leadership issues unequivocal statement reiterating Israel's right to exist in peace and security and calling for an immediate end to the armed Intifada and all acts of violence against Israelis anywhere. All
Palestinian institutions end incitement against Israel.

Just issues a statement, maybe even in Arabic. No action of course expected here.
GOI implements recommendations of the Bertini [?] report to improve humanitarian conditions, including lifting curfews and easing movement between Palestinian areas.

No action by the Palestinians against terror but Israel is forced to create conditions allowing for it.
GOI [Government of Israel] ends actions undermining trust, including attacks in civilian areas, and confiscation/demolition of Palestinian homes/property, deportations, as a punitive measure or to facilitate Israeli construction.

Ok so Israel is undermining trust but the Palestinian Leadership was not conducting terrorism. They were not called on to stop it, see above, just to call for it to stop. So already we have the pals not being made to stand up for their actions. Does this bode well? If the pals are not even held accountable in the organizing peace document what are the chances they will be held accountable for their responsibilities under the plan? I will answer that – NONE – ZERO ZIP ZILCH. Also, it always annoys me when in all these ‘peace’ docs ‘Israel’ is not used – just Government of Israel. Anyone know why? Other countries are referred to by their names. Is this an effort to put Israel on the same footing as the philistines? Israel should not allow it and stand on principal.

After this the pal terrorists will be able to operate freely in civilian areas and Israel can not demolish the homes of terrorists.
Arab states move decisively to cut off public/private funding of extremist groups, channel financial support for Palestinians through Palestinian Ministry of Finance.

This of course will not happen but you can not punish the poor phallic-stinians for it.
GOI dismantles settlement outposts erected since establishment of the present Israeli government and in contravention of current Israeli government guidelines .

More action by Israel, no action by the pals.
GOI freezes all settlement activity consistent with the Mitchell report, including natural growth of settlements.

Still no security action by the pals but more by Israel. Of course, Mitchell called for an end to all violence first, but not here. No very one sided Mitchell report demand more of the pals than this plan does. If the pals can’t act like anything but dogs, just lower the bar again and again to finally include them, by such standard lowering, into the family of humans.

No natural growth. This spells the end to the settlements and foretells what we will get to that the map is a map to full removal of Jews from the West Bank and Gaza come hell or high water.

By the way – by settlements they mean East Jerusalem so that is 450,000 Jews who need to be transported. Who it is OK to transport. But it is not ok to transfer Arabs.
Regional support: Upon completion of security steps and IDF withdrawal to September 28, 2000 positions, Egypt and Jordan return ambassadors to Israel.

Wonderful, condones both countries’ positions even though Egypt’s is clearly in violation of its treaty with Israel. Notice no Government of Egypt, Government of Jordan. These two dictatorships will be richly rewarded for this great action on their part. Does this mean that these countries will have to stop incitement? Does it mean that Egypt will have to close the weapons and explosive smuggling tunnels into Gaza from its army bases?
Progress into Phase II will be based upon the judgment of the Quartet, facilitated by establishment of a permanent monitoring mechanism on the ground, whether conditions are appropriate to move on -- taking into account performance of all parties and Quartet monitoring. Phase II starts after Palestinian elections and ends with possible creation of a Palestinian state with provisional borders by end of 2003..

What are the chances that the pals will be held to this. They turned to violence in Sept 2000 and now, not only are they being given another chance, but are being offered more than then. The possible creation language is nonsense, it certainly will be created. There of course is no mechanism if the pals do not live up to their bargain. Only the word ‘possible’. There are no mechanism included as to what happens if there is a violation. There is no punishment for breaching Oslo.

This plan clearly goes against many of the provisions of President Bush’s speech but it probably will be pushed down Israel’s throat. Israel should from day one stake out the position: It will only agree to this if a provision is added signed by the quartet that if the pals violate the map then the quartet will agree that there will not be a Palestinian state. Period. And that they will support transfer of the population out of the West Bank. If they are so sure the plan will work then they should agree to this because they will know that transfer will never come about. If they do not agree to this, it is clear that they are just trading the possibility of dead Jews on the alter of muslim ambitions embodied in pal nationalism.
Such a meeting would be inclusive, based on the goal of a comprehensive Middle East peace (including between Israel and Syria, and Israel and Lebanon), and based on the principles described in the preamble to this document.

Maybe I am crazy but you would think that comprehensive included these two countries minimally and also Iraq, Libya, Arabia and Iran.
. . Israeli-Palestinian negotiation aimed at creation of a state with provisional borders. Implementation of prior agreements to enhance maximum territorial contiguity.

There it is. The starting point is Camp David and Taba. Barak is such a hero for making the offer– a hero of the pals that is. If I saw him, I would rip that big fat mole right off his face. Get ready for more concessions GOI.
Second International Conference: Convened by the Quartet, with agreement of the parties, at beginning of 2004 to endorse agreement reached on state with provisional borders and to launch negotiations between Israel and Palestine toward a final, permanent status resolution in 2005, including on borders, Jerusalem, refugees and settlements; and, to support progress toward a comprehensive Middle East settlement between Israel and Lebanon and Syria, to be achieved as soon as possible. . . . Arab state acceptance of normal relations with Israel and security for all the states of the region, consistent with Beirut Arab Summit initiative.

So they you have it, back at Taba. 97% of the West Bank, 100% Gaza, old city of Jerusalem. Israel is like the Giving Tree but it has nothing left to give so they chop it down.

The refugee issue not even off the table like the Settlements. We are right back were we were but now there is another terrorist arab state and the insurmountable refugee issue has not even been taken off the table. Unbelievable. Last time Egypt and Arabia did called for the pals not to accept – what is different here. Another reason for them not to have a real peace. 600 dead Jews and back right where they left off. Every mistake forgiven. If Israel makes one mistake it is off the map.

An International conference, that is what Israel needs, the nations of the world who have historically been so friendly to Jews and have such Jew friendly countries now, to tell Israel what to do.

No real accountability for the Arabs. No disarmed state. Treaties with Iran and North Korea OK. NO problem if radical groups under take terrorism as long as it can’t be linked too closely to the new government. The Arabs suffer no detriment from the war they started but have actually improved their position. They start from what Israel has last offered but now Israel has to give up the settlements. All this will do is embolden these dirty bastards. They know that they will not be punished for violence but in fact rewarded.

It makes me cry.

The reality is this, unless there is a sea change in attitude on the part of the Arabs, this new state will be another nail in the coffin of Israel and I would not expect the state to be around into the next millennia. The world is on a collision course with this state and it will happen unless Israel changes the facts on the ground so drastically that no one will consider a state. Better to be a pariah then part of a dead civilizations museum exhibit.