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October 28, 2002

Ransom by any other name

The hypocrisy of a double standard

Living in the greater Washington, D.C., area for the last three weeks, I hardly need any reminders about the terror residents have experienced as a result of the sniper attacks.

It was the first thing everyone in the area talked about. It was on the front page of the local newspapers. It was covered wall to wall by the cable news channels. And it was the subject of news and talk radio all day long.

Last week, I had to take a trip to Canada for a few days. Much to my surprise, I couldn't escape the talk about the D.C. sniper or snipers.

It was front-page news every day in Toronto and Montreal. This was not just a big local story. It was not just a huge national story. It was a huge international story.

There were 13 single-shot attacks on people in Maryland, Washington and Virginia over the last three weeks. Ten of those attacks resulted in deaths.

That's a lot of death. That's a lot of fear.

Yet, last Monday, more people died in one suicide bomb attack in Israel than in all of these murderous attacks combined. And Monday's attack in Israel wasn't even one of the largest and deadliest of nearly daily suicide terror attacks in the Jewish state over the last year or so.

We now have reason to suspect the sniping attacks on Americans in the Washington, D.C., area were, in part, motivated by the same kind of hate that prompts suicide bombings in Israel.

It's part of a war against Western civilization.

That's what motivates the terrorists in Israel. It's not about creating a Palestinian state. It's about ending a Jewish state – a Jewish state that represents freedom in a sea of totalitarianism.

Yet Israel is still told by the world – even by many in the United States – to negotiate a settlement, to compromise with the terrorists, to meet the bombers half-way.