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October 30, 2002

Rabbis for Olive's Rights? Terrorist Exploits Olive Trees To Murder Three

More blood on the hands of the anti-Israel left.
(IMRA) Israel Radio reported this morning that the terrorist who murdered two girls (12 and 14) and a woman in Hermesh exploited the olive trees that reach up to the community located between Mevo Dotan and Baka al-Gharbiya some 6 kilometers west of the Green Line in northern Samaria.

The trees provided cover to approach the community and made it possible for the terrorist to reconnoiter the area in advance, as an olive harvester. The terrorist slipped under a small gap that the terrorist located at a point in the security fence between the fence and the ground.

It should be noted that many Jewish communities have warned that the olive tree harvest campaign sponsored by the Israeli Left that includes harvesting in "off limit" areas up to the edge of Jewish communities endangers those communities by providing a framework within which terrorists can scout the Jewish communities and prepare for terrorist attacks.

It remains to be seen if Rabbis for Human Rights and the other Leftist organizations associated with the olive harvest campaign will make any remarks about the murder of the Israelis. It also remains unclear if any politicians from the Left will publicly take Yasser Arafat and the PA to task for declining to restrict terror attacks against Israelis beyond the Green Line.