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October 01, 2002

Palestinians renew efforts to have children die in confrontations.

Palestinian Media Watch via IMRA:

PMW has documented in the past the Palestinian Authority's [PA's] tactic of
encouraging children to seek heroic Shahada - death for Allah, and then
using the numbers of dead children in their PR war against Israel.

A PMW bulletin last week noted the PA's recent attempts to brings crowds of
violent demonstrators into the streets, in an attempt to change the image of
the terrorist war to that of a popular uprising.

Now the PA has combined the two tactics, once again encouraging children to
die as part of the "popular uprising", as they have renewed the broadcasting
of one of the most odious PA video clips, the "Farewell letter" clip. In
the clip a child writes a farewell letter to his parents, glorifying his
desire to die, and then places himself in front of Israeli soldiers during a
violent riot where he is shot and dies, achieving his goal. As he falls his
words are sung: "How sweet is Shahada [death for Allah] when I embrace you my land."