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October 19, 2002

Lebanon accuses Israel of 'state terrorism'

At this gathering of hypocrites, you get to pick who is worse, the French that arte "denounced" or the Lebanese who talk about Israeli and neglect to mention they are a client state, occupied by Syrian troops, and allowing Hezbollah to use their territory to continue nearly daily attacks against Israel.
BEIRUT -- Israel has long been accustomed to being attacked at meetings of international organizations, but the summit of francophone nations was not prominent among them. That changed yesterday.

Israel was a favourite target as more than 50 leaders, including Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien, began their summit in Beirut. The host of the conference, Lebanese President Emile Lahoud, began the day with a scorching attack on Israel, accusing it of "odious massacres" of Palestinians.

Meanwhile, a tense scene was developing in the media centre between Lebanese journalists and a French reporter, whom they accused of broadcasting to Israel, in violation of Lebanese law