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October 30, 2002

Labor Quits Government - What Happens Now

Contrary to press reports which have been indicating while discussing this Labor Party created war time crisis that election will occur, this is probably not so.

Sharon will probably form a narrower right wing coalition government and there will not be elections. Although, if there are elections now, Likud and the right wing parties are estimated to pick up a bunch of seats and Labor lose seats. I think Sharon will form a new government but may go for elections if this would stave off an attack from Netanyahu.

Sharon is still the Prime Minister so now he can do what he wants politically. The budget that Labor resigned over passed anyway 67 to 45 which is an indication that Sharon will be able to form a new government. He needs parties representing 60 knesset members supporting him. I find the Haaretz and Jpost reporting very weak in that none give party numbers and discuss scenarios on forming a more narrow coalition. Ben Eliezer is pulling this stunt to try to reinvigorate his image since he is currently third in polls for head of the Labor Party behind Mitzna and Ramon.

Current parties:
One Israel 25, Likud Party 19*, Shas 17*, MERETZ 10, National Unity Israel Beitenu 7*, Shinui 6, Center Party 6*, National Religious Party 5*, United Torah Judaism 5*, Yisra'el Ba'Aliya 4*, Democratic Front 3 (arab), Hadash 3 (arab), Democratic Choice 2* , Gesher 2*, One Nation 2, National Arab Party 2, Arab Movement 1, Heirut 1*, National Democratic Allliance 1 (arab).
* indicates parties which could be used to form a new coaltition