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October 25, 2002

The Judicial Billy Club Of The Left
By Dr. Steven E. Plaut

Israel's Attorney General continues to serve as the billy club of the Israeli Left. In case after case, the Attorney General opens "investigations" of Israeli Rightists for exercising their free rights of free speech, but never gets around to indicting Arabs openly calling for violence, genocide, and the destruction of the country or for assisting terrorists.

Take the latest manifestation of the participation of the leaders of Israel's Arabs in treason and terrorism. This week, an Arab Knesset Member from one of the Stalinist-Fascist Arab political parties was caught smuggling four cellular phones into a prison for jailed terrorists (Haaretz Oct 24). The Knesset Member is Abd Al-Malak Dahamshe, head of the "United Arab List". He was accompanying the head of the Islamic fundamentalist movement of Israeli Arabs, in essence the Israeli chapter of al-Qaida, to visit the heroic jailed terrorists.

Daroushe and his friends will NOT be indicted by the Attorney General for treason or for assisting terrorists for this felony.

So if they are not to be indicted, who is?

Well, first the Attorney General just issued orders to investigate for indictment the managers of a web site that seeks to assist Jews find jobs. The site is called "Hebrew Labor" and lists jobs and Jewish job seekers, Jews only. The Attorney General thinks this is "racist", in contrast with Arab leaders screaming that all the Jews need to be annihilated, or in contrast with Jewish leftists screaming that settlers should be murdered, or in contrast with the Haaretz banner headline on its Op-Ed page last week "Skinheads with tzitziyot - tallis fringes" (referring to Jewish settlers), or in contrast with the expression "Israel's Explosive Belt" (Meretz commissar Yossi Sarid's term for settlers). Oh,and when Israel's universities open affirmative action programs for Arabs only, THAT is NOT racism.

And finally, it looks like the Attorney General is planning to investigate and maybe indict various people who participated in a ceremony yesterday marking the anniversary of the death of Rabbi Meir Kahane, the head of JDL and Kach who was gunned down by an Arab terrorist in New York. Yossi Sarid petitioned for the indictments. Among those present at the "Yahrzeit" were Moshe Feiglin, head of a Likud faction, Effi Eitam, head of the National Religious Party, several Rabbis, including the son of ex-Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yossef, and others. Why investigate these people for attending a ceremony for a dead, if controversial, person? Because the same Attorney General who does not think that Dahamshe did anything worth indicting has also banned and criminalized the Kahanist groups for expressing opinions with which he disagrees. The Kahanist groups have been declared by him not only "racist" but "terrorist organizations", unlike the Israeli Arab al-Qaida fronts.

And so Israel's dual justice system, one for leftists and one for everyone else, continues to operate - even under the Sharon administration.