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October 11, 2002

Israel Should Give Financial Support to Basque Terrorists, the Real IRA and the Italian Red Army

Two posts below is an article concerning Europe's willingness, once again, to murder of Jews, by providing gun money to Hamas.

To be frank, I do not believe that arguing with Europe will be successful. I generally support the practice of fighting fire with firing.

Israel should dollar for dollar match the European funding of Hamas and other Jew murdering outfits by providing donations to European militants like the Basque separatists, the Italian Red Army, the Real IRA, etc. For Israel's dollars to work the most efficiently, instead of providing hard cash, Israel should use the earmarked money to purchase locally manufactured guns, ammunition, explosives, and other necessary equipment and deliver it to these activist groups.

Perhaps Europe will turn from its Jew murdering ways for the sake of its own self interest.

PS - IN a NYT article today it mentions that the Israelis killed two "youths" - one youth was 18. Not much of a youth in the West and certainly not in the Medieval Middle East. That is why the NYT SUCKS.