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October 10, 2002

'Israel at Heart' tours America

Hadar Manor, 24, was not on campus when a bomb killed seven of her fellow Hebrew University students -- including five Americans -- in July, but recalling the memory of that day has been difficult.

While visiting college campuses, high schools, synagogues and other institutions as part of a program called Israel at Heart, Manor fields questions about returning to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem to continue her studies.

. . . Manor traveled to New York with 47 other Israeli university students. Israel at Heart is a new initiative, sponsored by Joseph Low, a financier from Westchester, NY. Low is spending more than $100,000 to send Israeli students here, in the hopes of better informing locals about the situation in Israel.

Last week, Manor traveled to Florida with Shaun Sacks of Bar-Ilan University, and Yossi Cobe, who plans to attend Hebrew University next year.

Their mission is to educate American Jews and non-Jews about the situation in Israel, and to gain support. But Manor says it's not money that's needed, just informed support.

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