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October 29, 2002

Gas the Jews - Hitler Did Not FINNISH the Job

Finland will not export gas detection equipment to Israel. The email address given does not seem to work. Israel should announce patents on items which are refused to Israel will not be valid in Israel and Israel will copy such products (unless it would damage Israel too much).
Finland refuses to sell to Israel what are considered to be the best
gas-detection kits in the world, despite widespread evaluations that Iraq
may attack Israel with poison chemical weapons. The computerized kits
accurately identify chemical warfare materials, but Finland claims that the
European Union forbids the export of dual-use equipment to countries in
conflict. A speech by Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuominioja provides
some "background" to the decision, however. "I am appalled at the Israeli
policy of suppression, humiliation, subordination and impoverishment
towards the Palestinians," he said, revealing what could be Finland's true
feelings about Israel. Tuominioja's e-mail address is
Correction [by JA Norland]: The name of the Finnish FM is actually Erkki Tuomioja, and not as shown above. His e-mail address is