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October 24, 2002

Excerpts from the New Hamas Comic - Praising Terrorism To Children
(IDF) Hamas has launched a new comic for children, al-Fateh ( The second edition, (Oct. 2002) as published on the Internet site of the Hamas movement, lashes out against the "Jewish enemy" and the other countries that assist it against the Palestinians.

The newspaper also attacks those assisting the "Jewish enemy" from within the Palestinian population, portraying them as traitors who sell themselves to the Jews. The newspaper connects the Jihad and the religion of Islam. It calls upon children to educate themselves according to Islam, in order for them to become Jihad fighters and assist the Palestinians. Below the headline, "Why is Darer Furious?" - Darer is the name of one of the children - is a dialogue between two Palestinian children. The dialogue indicates that children are integral participants in the Palestinian Intifada. The children complain of the silence of the Arab world regarding the current events in the region and they mention their own never tiring activity on behalf of the Intifada: "We, the children of Palestine, take part in the national struggle and encourage our heroes. We observe the actions of the settlers and of the soldiers of the occupation, and report it to our heroes."

One of the children seeks justification for his claims from within Islamic tradition. "Our expectations will not be fulfilled until we fight and kill the Jews, especially as we are standing east of the river [of Jordan] with the Jews still standing west of the river of Jordan; and until the rock and the tree says, 'woe Muslim, woe subjects of Allah, here is a Jew [hiding] behind me. Come and kill him.' "

Also mentioned is the story of the children who were allowed to take part in the battle of Dar by the prophet Muhammad. It was at Dar, when Muhammad defeated the heretics and the Kuriyesh tribe on his way from Meca to Medina in 624CE. During the battle the children stabbed Abu-Jahal to death. As part of its non-compromising and militant nature, the comic quotes the Syrian poet, Omer Bhaa-Dein, resident in the Persian Gulf. Bhaa-Dein claims that his heart goes out to the Palestinian people, but that he is unable to help them. In addition he wishes that Palestinian children grow to become soldiers of Muhammad. This continues a theme that the comic started in its first edition, when it idolized the legacy of Abde-Alqadar Alhusseini, who was the head of the Nationalist-Palestinian movement in the years before the creation of the Jewish State in 1948. In addition the newspaper dedicates a special corner to the martyr Ismayal el-Muassabi, who blew himself up in 2001 in a car bomb in the northern Gaza strip.