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October 31, 2002

The EU: "Israel must end its occupation to the Palestinian lands"

Question for EU: did the Germans in WWII leave your countries because you said they should leave? Occupation ended with a signed peace agreement between contending forces. No agreement as yet to meet the requirement for safe and secure borders for Israel. And where were thee guys when the land was 'occupied' by Jordan'.
Jericho July 5th 2002 Wafa; Meeting with Dr. Saeb Erekat the Palestinian Minister in Jericho yesterday, Mr. Miguel Angel Muratinos the European envoy to the peace process in the Middle East, reiterated the European stand towards the Middle East crisis of rejecting the Israeli occupation to the Palestinian Lands, demanding it to stop it.

Mr. Muratinos also stated that the EU does not refuse dealing with President Arafat, emphasizing the European positive position towards the peace process that will lead to establishing the independent Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its Capital according to the International legitimacy.