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October 25, 2002

The Easiest Way to Stop Suicide Attacks (on busses at least)

I usual view has been that the best way and most bloodless way to stop suicide bombings is to kill the families of the last few suicide bombers. Adults only, Israel denies responsibility, etc.

But I was reading an article concerning the partying (and I believe anti-Israel attitude, although I never finished the article) of the many young foreign government and non governmental workers in Israel and a thought occurred to me.

There are hundreds of young UN, non governmental organizations (NGOs, frequently so called human rights orgs which are biased against Israel) and embassy staffers in Israel. Many of these people are Europeans.

All Israel has to do is order that all of these people are only allowed to use one form of transportation. Public busses. No cars, limos or taxes. Only public busses. Some of these people, with an unquenchable urge to express sympathy for the pals, would high tail it out of the country but some would stay which would force their governments to actually start pressuring the arabs to stop blowing people up.