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October 11, 2002

Don't go wobbly, Israel - Cont.

With reference to my posting yesterday about Israel’s inaction concerning the Wazzani diversion, the inevitable has happened: the people behind the diversion, and Hizbollah in particular, have been embolden. The Jerusalem Post reports:
Lebanese technicians reportedly added a second pipe Thursday to the controversial Wazzani Springs pumping project, a day after testing the pumps despite warnings from Israel.

Israel Radio said the Lebanese have also begun paving an asphalt road from the pump to a nearby village in addition to other preparations for a planned October 16 dedication ceremony of the site to which thousands of guests have been invited.

I am not alone in being profoundly concerned about the far-reaching implications of Israeli inaction. The following citation from Arutz 7 is particularly instructive:
Military Option In Lebanon

If Israel continues to practice restraint in the face of the Lebanese water-pumping, this will deal yet another blow to Israel's deterrence ability." So warned top IDF leaders last night in a meeting with government leaders. They were referring to the new southern Lebanese water pumping station, which is scheduled to start regular operations next week. The new installation, only about a mile from the Israeli border, will draw water from the Wazani River, which pours into one of Israel's main water sources, the Hatzbani River. Prime Minister Sharon is said to agree with the military warning, yet feels that the American mediation efforts must be given another few days to succeed.

Talk about “deja vu all over again”! This “must be given another few days” is exactly what we heard on the eve of the Six Day War. Wake up, Israel!

The second part of my posting yesterday concerned the dismantling of outposts in Judea/Samaria. A reader commented that “the outposts were removed because they were illegal, i.e. were not approved by the government... Democracy cannot exist without the rule of law.” IMRA must have anticipated such a comment, for the site posted this ready-made response:
[T]he Palestinians have followed a consistent strategy of illegally erecting buildings on roads - including new bypass roads (infrastructure serving settlements) - that can be used as firing position from which to attack Israeli vehicles as they travel to and from settlements.
It is bad enough that the very same people who call out with great fervor for the demolition of every Jewish home in the West Bank that is missing even one of a myriad of approvals were silent about illegal Palestinian construction that may threaten Jewish lives. But some of the Israeli Left, who appear to put the value of an illegal Palestinian building over the value of Israeli lives, even go so far as to help rebuild them when they are demolished within the framework of the law.

Meantime, the demolition of Jewish settlements proceeds with zeal and alacrity. Ha’aretz reports:
Eight illegal settlement outposts were removed Thursday, bringing the total number of outposts dismantled this week to 12.

Read and weep.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland