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October 08, 2002

Danish Owners Of Hashmira Freeze Activity In Territories

Once again the Danish are leading the global charge of anti-Semitism, now forbidding security guards in Yesha, lest someone prevent a mass murder by a heroic "freedom fighter." You can contact the company in question and let them know how you feel at the addresses below.

(Jerusalem Post) The new Danish owner of Hashmira, the country's largest security firm, has ordered it to cease providing protection for Jews living over the Green Line, the company said in a statement issued Tuesday.

According to Copenhagen-based Group 4 Falck, which acquired Hashmira only six months ago, it asked it to "present a plan for the phasing out of all activities in the West Bank at the next board meeting on October 28."

Group 4 said the company's operations in the territories have a defensive and preventative aim only, with activities that include guarding schools and day care centers.

At the time of the acquisition, the company said it knew of Hashmira's operations in Judea and Samaria but that its legal advisers did not say this constituted a problem.

The company said that under criticism from Politiken, a Danish newspaper, it agreed to carry out another investigation of its activities to determine whether they contradict the Geneva Convention. In the meantime, the company has asked Hashmira to cease all activities in the region. (Emphasis added)