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October 24, 2002

The Cossacks Are Coming!

I have become more and more aware recently of the post–Zionist mentality that has become epidemic in Israeli intellectual circles. The primary components of this mentality are that Zionism is an outmoded ideal and that the State of Israel is simply a democratic state and should relinquish its role as a Jewish state and the Jewish homeland. This mentality stems from the standard leftist notion that man has suddenly become “enlightened” and that the horrors of the “distant” past will never be repeated in the new “age of reason.” This is the same mistake that was made by European Jews in the early 1900’s. One of the logical extensions of this mentality is that Diaspora Jews should have no input into the affairs of Israel and should mind their own business as Israeli internal affairs have nothing to do with the Diaspora. Obviously, the post-Zionists are ignoring 2000 years of history as well as the founding principles of the State of Israel. The survival of Israel is as much my concern in Brooklyn as it is someone else’s concern in Tel Aviv. The survival of my family and my people depends on the survival of the Jewish homeland. Jews are currently under attack worldwide whether they live in New York, Moscow, Kiev, Paris or Tel Aviv. The notion that Diaspora Jews have no stake in Israel’s survival is dangerously naïve. The idea that pogroms and anti-Semitism are the relics of the past are contradicted by daily news reports of the rekindling of centuries old hatreds against Jews throughout the world. While leftist Israeli Jews clamor about “peace” and show their disdain for meddling Diaspora Jews, synagogues are burning and Jews are being beaten and murdered around the globe. At a time when we should be coming together to support Israel and all Jews against the anti-Semite savages, the left would prefer to denigrate any Jews who do not support their vision of appeasement and surrender. The Cossacks are marching and I am being told to keep my mouth shut and let Peres and Ben-Eliezer destroy the Jewish homeland. These are the same cries that we heard from the “enlightenment” Jews in the 1930’s. Just keep your mouth shut, pretend you are not Jewish and maybe the savages will leave us alone. I say Never Again!
(Jerusalem Post) Anti-Semitism is surging in the Ukrainian city of Uman, site of the Tomb of Reb Nachman of Bratslav, where Bratslavers have been increasingly harassed and even brutally beaten, say local Bratslav authorities in Israel who have filed complaints with Israel Police and the Ukrainian Embassy.

Uman is the site of an annual pilgrimage of up to 15,000 Jews on Rosh Hashana.

The first major incident occurred two weeks ago Friday when a group of Uman police officers entered an apartment owned by the Israeli pilgrims and beat them "almost to death," eye witnesses told the Jerusalem Post. Six of them were then transported to the local police station were they were interrogated and again beaten for six hours without being told the reasons for their detainment. Finally, a few minutes before the Sabbath the Ultra-Orthodox pilgrims were released.

This incident followed a scuffle between a drunken guard at the site and Brestlav Yeshiva students bathing in the Mikve [Ritual bath].

The following Wednesday, with the tension rising in the Ukrainian city, a group of local guards hired by the World Committee of Braslov Hasidim to maintain order at the site, caught and again severely beat a pilgrim with clubs fracturing his nose, breaking his teeth and causing him spinal injury.

He is currently being treated at Hadassah Ein Karm. They also attacked two Bratslavers that came to the victim's aid.

Throughout the assault claim the victims, who fear publishing their names, the guards and locals screamed anti-Semitic taunts, including "Heil Hitler." [Read More]