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October 02, 2002

Columbia Professor Edward Said Compares the Situation of the Palestinians with those of the Holocaust.

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From Al Ahram via Memri

"Quite apart from his actual history of mistakes and misrule, Yasser Arafat is now being made to feel like a hunted Jew by the state of the Jews. There is no gainsaying the fact that the greatest irony of his siege by the Israeli army in his ruined Ramallah compound, is that his ordeal has been planned and carried out by a psychopathic leader who claims to represent the Jewish people. I do not want to press the analogy too far, but it is true to say that Palestinians under Israeli occupation today are as powerless as Jews were in the 1940s. "

". . . Arafat is being murdered. And with him, according to Sharon, will die the aspirations of the Palestinians. This is an exercise short of complete genocide . . . "

Said forgets that the Palestinians were offered a state out of historic Jewish territory, they initiated a war, and they have a frequently stated goal of destroying Israel. They also have most of the oil money in the world backing them up and have undertaken and in fact specialize in barbaric attacks on civilians. Not only that but the Arabs have the support of Neo Nazis, to the extent available, employ former Nazis and supported Hitler when he was in power.