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October 24, 2002

Burns: PA must take action against terror if it wants a state

Not much of an insight here but useful to confront the Palestinians and let them know face to face that they can choose their destiny but they can not have both terror and statehood.
Palestinians must take decisive action against militants and get serious about internal reform if they want to embark on the road to statehood, as outlined in a new Mideast peace plan, U.S. special envoy William Burns told senior Palestinian officials Thursday. Click here for extracts from the U.S. 'road map'.

"It is only through decisive action to end terror and violence, and decisive action to reform in preparation for Palestinian statehood, that we are going to be able to move ahead on a practical pathway to end occupation and this terrible conflict," Burns said.

Burns also held separate talks with Hani al-Hassan, expected to be named by Arafat in the coming days as interior minister. In the job, al-Hassan will be asked to oversee the restructuring of the Palestinian security services - a key element of the reforms sought by the United States.

Burns also called on both Israelis and Palestinians to fulfill their obligations in order "to end the occupation that began in 1967" after meeting with Palestinian Authority officials in the West Bank city of Jericho.

No "occupation" began in 1967. Israel just reconquered parts of its traditional homeland.