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October 03, 2002

The booming field of online education
Here in the civilized world, thousands of people are pursuing their higher education via internet courses. I don't think I could possibly emphasize our differences with the uncivilized any more clearly. We pursue our MBAs, they sign up for classes on suicide bombing.
The Hamas organization has launched an Internet course in the production and assembly of explosives.

Israeli and Palestinian sources said Hamas, which claims responsibility for the lion's share of Palestinian suicide bombing attacks, has established an Internet site that offers Muslims instructions in the production of bombs, rockets and light aircraft. They said the news of the site has spread throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The instructions can be found on the web site of Hamas's Izzedin Kassam military wing, Middle East Newsline reported. The site, called "Military Academy," offers 14 lessons in bomb-making as part of what the Islamic group said is a campaign to expand the pool of bomb-makers.

The courses include lessons on the production of a belt filled with explosives that can be worn by a suicide bomber. Other courses demonstrated how to manufacture RDX plastic explosives, material that is said to be difficult to detect. The Hamas online course also provides instructions on preparing regular bombs as well as methods to identify targets.

Gee, I wonder why their society is a complete failure.
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