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October 10, 2002

Arafat's Advisor Arrested for Transferring Money from Iraq to Families of Palestinian Suicide Terrorists

The Israel Security Agency, working together with IDF forces, recently detained for questioning Rakahd Salim, the head of the Front for National Liberation in the West Bank, who was directly responsible for the transfer of Iraqi aid funds to the families of suicide bombers and Palestinian terrorists.

Rakahd Salim, the General Secretary of the Front for National Liberation in the West Bank, was arrested on October 2, 2002 after documents seized by the IDF during operation "Defensive Shield" indicated that he was responsible on behalf of Saddam Hussein for the distribution of money to the families of Palestinian terrorists and suicide bombers.

During the course of questioning by the Israel Security Agency, Rakahd Salim said that as head of his organization, he was in close contact with the Palestinian Ministry in Iraq as well as with the Iraqi Ba'ath party's United Pan-Arab Command. Salim last met Saddam Hussein in the year 2000, when he talked with him mainly about the situation of the Palestinian people.

In addition, Salim said that in the framework of his activities he distributed money to the families of Palestinians who were either killed or wounded. This money was received primarily from the Iraqi government and its leader, Saddam Hussein. When questioned, Salim said that so far he received and distributed approximately $15 Million of the Iraqi government's money.

How Salim Transferred the Money to the Palestinian Families:

The president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was the one who decided that the money be given to families of the Palestinians who were either killed or wounded in the territories, and Saddam Hussein also determined the amount of money transferred to the bank. Initially, the money was transferred to the Iraqi "'Mashraf Al-Rapidin" bank in Amman, Jordan, and from there it was transferred to the Alastismar Bank in Jordan. The money was then further transferred to the account of the Palestinian Front for National Liberation in the Alastismar bank in Ramallah.

Salim said that resolutions of Iraqi Ba'ath party's United Pan-Arab Command provide for the family of a Palestinian who was killed to receive approximately $10,000. A seriously wounded Palestinian receives approximately $1,000 and a lightly wounded Palestinian receives $500.

Salim also said that as part of his job, he held regular weekly meetings with the heads of the Hamas, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Democratic Front, in which he discussed with them terror attacks against Israel. He admitted that as senior member of the Palestinian Front for National Liberation he was aware of the activities and operations of his organization's military arm. This military arm carried out terrorist attacks in the 1970s in the Israeli communities of Kfar Giladi, Kfar Yuval and Misgav Am, among others.

Since 1997 Rakahd Salim has served as Arafat's advisor for international and political affairs. According to Salim, the Palestinian Authority is well aware of the Iraqi financial aid given to the families of the Palestinian suicide bombers.