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October 30, 2002

500 engineers turn out for anti-normalisation committee meeting

And this is what is going on in an Arab country that has signed a peace agreement with Israel. Is there any end to Arab hatred of Israel?

AMMAN — More than 500 engineers attending the first meeting of the expanded Jordanian Engineers Association's (JEA) anti-normalisation committee pledged to continue the anti-normalisation with Israel drive, saying it protects the Kingdom from “Zionist threats.”
In a statement made available to The Jordan Times, JEA President Azzam Hneidi said those present at the meeting announced they would not succumb to pressure and rescind the professional associations' campaign to counter normal relations with the Jewish state.

Last week, the JEA announced plans to open the door for membership to those interested in joining its anti-normalisation committee.

The association said it intends to reach a minimum of 500 members, with former committee membership standing at 25.