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September 04, 2002

Yasser Arafat and the Myth of Legitimacy by Daniel Polisar

Some bloggers have posted this long article previously. I just got around to reading it and am posting it now.

In a detailed fashion, the article shows how Arafat established a thugocracy and why his election was not legitimate. Besides, the issue of the first election, his legitimacy is called into question by the fact that his term expired in 1999 and new elections where never held.

The article is interesting from the point of view of being a case study on how to set up an authoritarian regime. It should be read by all aspiring dictators.

It is important to note that the US and Israel (and more specifically, the people in power at the time, the Democrats and Labor) basically acquiesced in the setting up of a dictatorship. It is the warhawks, Bush and Sharon, who are showing more concern for democracy and human rights.