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September 22, 2002

The White House Rescues Arafat Again

Once again the appeasement obsessed hypocrites in the White House have come to the rescue of their friend Arafat. To think, Israel actually considered ending his reign of terror! Who would lead, organize, and finance the murder of Jewish children if Arafat was exiled or killed? Thankfully, the terrorists will be able to continue their important work with the protection, training, and financing of the United States.
(Jerusalem Post) The IDF announced Sunday evening that it had completed its work demolishing buildings inside Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's Ramallah headquarters compound. The announcement, made by a senior IDF officer talking to reporters at the Mukata (compound), was made at the same time as an announcement published by the White House, which said Israel's assault on the compound did not help the Mideast peace process.

The IDF pulled out its heavy bulldozers and said that it was sending in trucks filled with food and supplies for those inside, media reports said. The IDF has so far destroyed most of the buildings in the sprawling compound, leaving only the building housing Arafat's office.

"Israel's actions in and around... the compound are not helpful in reducing terrorist violence or promoting Palestinian reforms," White House spokeswoman Jeanne Mamo said. "We urge Israel to continue considering the consequences of its actions on progress" in reaching goals President George W. Bush has set: Arafat's ouster in upcoming Palestinian elections and creation of a Palestinian state within three years that exists peacefully with Israel.