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September 13, 2002

U.S. to Increase Aid to P.A.?

George Bush continues to reward the savages for their persistence in murdering Jews.
(Arutz Sheva) The Bush administration's reported plan to increase American aid to the Palestinian Authority by another $20 million is raising some eyebrows. The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) notes that these intentions are puzzling in light of "the PA's ongoing terrorist war against Israel and the widespread financial corruption and misuse of funds among PA officials."

The ZOA notes that the U.S. has provided the PA with $100 million each year since 1994, and that the Bush administration has recently been pressing Congress to approve an additional $50 million this year to repair damaged areas in PA-controlled territories - damages resulting from a war the PA itself started. In addition, the Jerusalem Times reported yesterday that "the U.S. and the World Bank have agreed to pay $35 million to start a new investment guarantee fund to support [PA] investment projects [of which] the U.S. will pay $20 million."

The ZOA telegrammed President Bush with the following complaint: "In your speech in June, you called on the Palestinian Arabs to stop their terrorism, wipe out terrorist groups, and embrace democracy, human rights, and free market economics. They have not done any of that. How, then, can you justify rewarding their terrorism with $170 million in American taxpayers' money? What incentive will they have to ever give up their terrorism and corruption, if you increase the aid before they have changed their behavior? Mr. President, stop funding those who promote, glorify, and fund terrorists."

Ironically, it was just yesterday that the official PA newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida published two cartoons harshly ridiculing the United States on the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. One of the cartoons showed Uncle Sam running way from long legs representing the date September 11, while the other showed the World Trade Center towering over a pile of dead bodies labeled "victims of American imperialism."