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September 04, 2002

The Temple Mount - Judaism's Holiest Site

Israel's neglect of this issue is shocking. Just because Israel, a secular state, does not see the need to do anything, does not mean that this is not a historic tragedy that the world should be concerned about. The world seemed to be more concerned with the Buddha statues in Afghanistan than with the ongoing destruction of parts of the Temple Mount by the Muslims as well as their refusal to let peoples of other religions pray there (both of these are violations of 'international law').

Save the Temple Mount By DANIEL PIPES

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem holiest spot on earth for Jews and ranking up there in sanctity also for Christians and Muslims may soon come partly crashing down. . . .

A portion of the wall on the southern side might cave in due to the fact that the Palestinian Authority has had administrative control over the Temple Mount since the mid-1990s and since then has made many structural changes, all aimed at increasing Muslim claims to the site. . . .

"It will collapse," warns Eilat Mazar, an archeologist at the Hebrew University. Mazar goes on: "The central issue at present is whether it will collapse on the heads of thousands of people who are praying there, or whether it will be done in a controlled manner." The moment of truth might come in November. That is the Ramadan holiday, when thousands of Muslim worshipers will congregate in the mosque at Solomon's Stables. Their weight and movement could cause the southern wall to give way, causing meter-long rocks to come cascading down on them, possibly killing many. . . .

Governments around the world, Jewish organizations, and others with influence over the Israeli prime minister should get him to attend to the wall before it and much else crashes.


It deals with the following topics: The Holiest Site of the Jewish People / Islamic Disregard for the Heritage of Others / The Temple Mount in 1967 / Muslims Change the Status Quo / The Pit / The Debris and the Artifacts / A Plan to Bring "Holy Water" from Mecca / Public Calls to Stop the Destruction / The Southern Wall is About to Fall / What Needs to Be Done